The student welfare pack

The student welfare pack

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The student welfare pack 

A perfect pack for students to develop healthier relationships with technology. 

Students are under pressure to be on screens to study, complete assignments and keep in contact with people back home. This can mean very high screen time. Excessive screen time can lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. 

Sometimes we all need a reminder to take a break from screens and experience the benefits that come from disconnecting for a short time, regularly.

The student welfare pack includes…

The techtimeout Activewear t-shirt

  • Good for running, cycling and other physical activities
  • Available in different sizes
  • It says “I'm having a techtimeout” on the back of the shirt

The phone techtimeout10 challenge bag 

  • 18cmx9cm can fit most smartphones. This is a perfect tool to keep your phone away and take a break from your smartphone.

Phone pop socket/phone grip

  • It can act as earphone/headphone winder.
  • Help when trying to film something and also to watch something on your phone.

Multi-use snood/face covering

  • It can be used as a face covering, neck warmer and even a headband
  • Useful for activities like cycling, running and hiking.  

A great gift for anyone going off to university or college this year. 

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